Watch Movies Online - How to Burn Movies Into An App For iPhone

With the advent of the internet it is now possible for us to watch movies and shows online. In the past, we had to either have a VCR or DVD player to watch television. Now, with the ease of using our computers with our browser and a fast Internet connection we can watch thousands of movies and TV shows online and choose from many different genres. If you don't know anything about the internet, you still can't believe how easy it really is.

I was watching movies at home when suddenly I remembered about the word FREE. Free means inexpensive and you can't ask for better. I immediately went online and started looking for some good websites that allowed me to watch series online for free. I found several websites offering movies like action, comedy, dramas, horror, sci-fi and more. They also offered free download movies.

I decided to try out their ad supported option first because it was cheaper and I thought I would give it a go. Once I downloaded the movie and opened it up, everything looked fine. It was a normal video file and there were no advertisements appearing on my screen. The only advertisements that I noticed were the ones in the bottom right corner which told me how many DVDs I had left.

I downloaded several movies so I could test out the ad supported version. When I went back to the website I found that they had changed my membership to a free account. I was able to download and watch movies as much as I wanted. I couldn't believe that they offered a free account, since most websites require a membership in order to access their library card library.

My next concern was whether or not I could actually get started. I didn't know where to start. The site I had been visiting said I needed a valid email address and some more details but I had no idea what those were. So I just kept searching, trying to find an answer to my original question. The search engine I was using never brought up any results.

I was getting a little frustrated, so I tried searching for other ways to see movies. I knew I should be able to find some movies using my favorite movie genres. I knew I should be able to find some channels. Finally I learned about YouTube. YouTube offers a wide variety of channels and some of them are in HD. They also have an application for mobile devices, so I was able to stream movies from my mobile phone.

After finding YouTube and being able to stream my latest releases directly from my phone, I realized I still had one more problem to solve. Where was I going to find the DVD's that I was waiting to buy? It wasn't that easy but I found it. Since I don't use eBay anymore, I needed to use a different way to buy DVDs. The way to buy DVDs in the digital format for a one time fee is called Burning DVDs.

Once I got over my first hurdle I was set to stream my latest releases straight from my phone, play them on my media player and now I'm watching movies on the big screen, in HD. My family and I go out pretty often and we watch a lot of movies. My son loves the new releases and his friends are now asking me when the next new releases will come out. The great thing about having an app for burning movies on the iPhone is that I can now do everything from watching videos to organizing my digital library!

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